Friday, 13 April 2012

'L' is for 'Lola'

I tried recording Freya and her little sister Lola for today's post, thinking it'd be really sweet to get them sitting together talking about the things they do. This ranges from playing nicely to all-but-killing each other, just like most sisters! But, being four and not-quite-two, it all ended in chaos. I won't inflict that video on you as I'm not sure whatever speakers you are using will cope with the high-pitched noises they emitted. I know my ears struggled. Instead, I had a look through other videos I've recorded of the two of them together, and found this little gem- the pair of them singing Mama Mia. Well, it's the tune anyway, not too sure about the words! NB: you may want to turn your speakers down for this one too!!  :-)


  1. Aw - sweet! (and I don't even like ABBA!)

    Freya keeps the time and metre of the song well, for one so young. Lola (on backing voacals) seems to be watching for her cues....!

  2. Freya and Lola are cute together.